Woodbridge Gardens has been the result of the lifelong passion of Christine and Tony Peek. In 1991, the Coatesville garden began its life as bare farmland and over time, has developed into a beautifully designed space that features hundreds of varieties of plants, trees and flowers and is open to visit year round by appointment.

Following the gentle contours of the property, Woodbridge Gardens also stays true to its historical and geographical roots by showcasing to garden visitors a range of New Zealand natives as well as some of Christine and Tony's favourites. The garden has been featured on television and numerous publications, both in New Zealand and internationally, and has attracted many garden visitors over the years. Woodbridge Gardens also hosts regular garden visits from groups such as Probus, garden clubs, international and domestic tourists interested in Auckland gardens and land.

Located in the stunning region of Coatesville just 25 minutes from downtown Auckland, Christine and Tony welcome you to visit and enjoy the tranquil and delightful surrounds of Woodbridge Gardens. Woodbridge Gardens are open to visit all year by appointment and welcome your enquiry regarding garden group and individual visits of gardens in Auckland and Coatesville. Morning and afternoon tea's and/or lunches available by prior arrangement for garden visitors.